Real Estate Info veteran Spencer leaving Industry

Larry Spencer, former RealtyTrac VP and long time friend of yours truly is stepping away from one industry he mastered so well to another he has almost “mastered”- Taekwondo.


On May 1, Larry will become the new CEO of the American Taekwondo Association based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Among his daily duties of running this multi-million dollar organization, he will also oversee all tournament activity both internationally and in the U.S.  Lots of great travel plans are in the works for he and I would hope (and assume!) his lovely wife, Debbie.

I have known Larry for 17 years now and I can state as fact that you can go another 17 years and probably not meet someone with the same level of ethics, values and honesty in every aspect of life such as Larry. His values never changed or varied. A family man through and through. He’s the envy of any man that yearns for complete balance in their life. Larry is a modest man that holds a 6th degree black belt, a fact you’d never know unless you out right asked him about it. I always liked to kid the unsuspecting that Larry, if he wanted to, “knew 17 moves that could kill you instantly, and 6 of them will hurt, so watch yourself!”

And though we have never lived within 2500 miles of each other, we stayed in touch constantly the old fashioned way- by telephone. Sometimes we’d talk for just 15 minutes, mostly though for at least an hour. So many chats that my wife refers to him as my “other wife in California”.

So while he does remain on the Board of Directors for a few start-ups, his duties in Little Rock will most certainly keep him from the RE conferences and the like that we all are so used to seeing him in attendance.

So Larry, if you’re reading this, I want to say thank you. Thank you for everything. For the introductions to all the VIP’s of the industry over the years. For all the confidential strategy sessions. For the devil’s advocate roles you played. For the levity you’d bring to any situation. For hangin’ with me at the all the various sushi joints around the U.S. For the round of golf at PGA and other fine courses we’d devise a way to get to. For the laughs. For the fun. The late nights and early mornings. Oh, and for not scolding me for almost flipping the jetboat.

Rumor has it he may make a final appearance at NAR Mid Year in DC.  If he makes it- Katie, bar the door! We’re going to have a blast!

See you soon my friend!

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3 Responses to Real Estate Info veteran Spencer leaving Industry

  1. Robert Drummer says:

    You describe him like he’s an Eagle Scout…oh wait, he *is* an Eagle scout.

    All the best to you Larry. Hope to see you in DC.


  2. Robert Luna says:

    Well said Bill, Congrats Larry! very happy to see this happen for you.

  3. Tom Guerin says:

    I am one of those karate guys that have known “Master” Spencer for 20+ years and your “loss” is certainly our gain! He has been a great role model for many an instructor in the martial arts.

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