Introducing the iMapp Browser Extension

iMapp has created new Browser Extensions for our Arizona clients, and soon we will have these operating in every State/area of the iMapp market footprint.

So what does this add-on to your internet browser do?

Much like Google search or Bing, our browser add-on allows you easy access to information in iMapp from any web site, anywhere. You may be working inside of your MLS system, or surfing the web, when you come across a property address you need more information about. With the iMapp Browser Extension, you simply highlight the address, right click on it and choose “Search in iMapp”. We’ve created these search capabilities inside the extensions for all browsers. So whether you use Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari or others, these extensions will link you directly to a property record in iMapp from inside your own MLS system, even if the MLS system does not contain a record to record link to iMapp.

Go here to view a video on how fast and easy it is to download and get started!

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  1. This is great, when do you expect to have this available in Texas?

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