An Open Letter to ARMLS Members

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4 Responses to An Open Letter to ARMLS Members

  1. First and foremost, Thank You iMapp.

    Thank you for being so professional, and transparent, regarding this matter. There are numerous, legitimate, reasons for iMapp and its employees to have been quite rude in its public response to ARMLS’ (poor) decision not to continue using your services. Especially when one considers the manner in which ARMLS has (is) has handled the matter. Bravo!

    There are so many different points in this situation that irritate me, I just don’t know where to begin or more importantly, where/when to end. That being said, I’m choosing not to address all of the points of the shafting that iMapp and all of us REALTORS got from ARMLS. Without knowing for sure, I’m quite confident that the almighty Dollar is at the root of this.

    ARMLS has a responsibility to us REALTORS, and a real opportunity here, to turn this around and give us what we want – the far superior MLS Tax system that is iMapp. I truly hope they do not squander this chance to do what is right for its members, for we have a voice and a choice. The Susan G. Komen Foundation’s recent, very public, bad decision reversal worked and all is well in their world once again. Hint, hint…

    ARMLS: fix this immediately, before it’s too late and is no longer an option.

    iMapp: thank you.


    Matt Pellerin – REALTOR
    PhoenixHomes Team Leader
    Realty Executives Paradise Valley

  2. New tax records is not client friendly no picture of the map when you open the tax, to get to the informationit is time consuming . I would like to stay with the IMAPP when will you be ready for us to signing up. Thank You

  3. Cindy De Santi says:

    Ive been an AZ Realtor, subscribing to ARMLS for over 20 yrs and to find this absolutley HORRIBLE realist tax system is the most frustrating and outragious downgrade I have ever seen. I thank you for posting “The Rest of the Story” and Bob Bemis and eveybody posting excuses for ARMLS should be ashamed of themselves. Did he have a family member or friend who works for this Realist system or what?? Well…now that he has let us all know that he has resigned from ARMLS and moving on to something else, we are just left to fend through the dust he is leaving behind?Thanks for the Headache Bob! Are you sure this is how you want to be remember?

  4. Roxie Groseth says:

    “I realized sitting in a meeting this morning that I never sent you the list of suggestions from the iMapp Renewal Task Force.” …..Gee, I wonder if he forgot because the decision had been made by the powers that be before they ever entered into a task force to begin with? Perhaps a fruitless endeavor I suspect. At any rate, we need you back iMapp.

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