10 Real Estate related Predictions for 2012

1. More Thompson Brokers- frustrated with the expenses and politics associated with being a member of NAR, some Brokers will decide go it alone. The Thompson Rule will be expanded to other States in some form. Crazy assumption, I know.

2. CoreLogic will be bought by a company from India- Sure, First American will make one more run at them but eventually common sense will prevail and CL will sell to the highest bidder.

3. Big Brokers take Control- I already hear that a variety of big players in major MSA’s are contemplating not only what Edina did, but taking control of their own MLS.

4. Some more small Associations will merge- to avoid bankruptcy.

5. A Free (or nearly free) MLS system will emerge- the only way to stave off big MLS vendors from monopolizing the business in a down economy.

6. LPS will be sold- sources say they have been shopping it. But to whom?

7. Large MLS’s will take more control- of their data, both MLS and Public Record, and create their own revenue stream.

8. Big Brokers will gobble up more RE businesses- creating a “who needs syndication?” atmosphere when they have 30+% of the market share of listings.

9. Content trumps SEO- all those wasted hours configuring for great SEO will mean Zilch. Content will be King, as it should be.

10. Some “News Agencies”, Bloggers, Tweeters will get “outed”- for promoting a company’s services or products but forget to mention they were paid to write that stuff!

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